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We will attempt to respond to all correspondence, (except for trolls), but please bear with us as we are unpaid administrators with limited time.

Unlike the people we are lobbying (Councillors and CEOs on over 100K a year), we are low income earners who have put every cent we have into building our dream home and lifestyle.  The fight is costing us money we just don’t have, but if we have to eat rice and beans for a while to get some action on this on behalf of our community, then so be it.

Feel free to donate to the cause. Any small amount you can afford would be very much appreciated.  It will be used to advertise this blog locally and cover our production costs.  If the action we are lobbying for does not occur and this fight goes the legal route, we will have to start running fundraising events.  But our hope is that the next event we run will be a gigantic party for the residents of this part of Greenbank in celebration of taking back our neighborhood from a destructive, noxious industry that should never have been established near our homes.

We have a secure Paypal account you can donate to directly via the email:

Kim & Liz


One response to “Contact Us – Support Us

  1. Good Day Liz and all,
    The Logan City Council wishes to have 5 Consultation Reference Groups for the Town Plan starting Feb 3rd and running for 60 days
    1 Rural and Agricultural
    2 Industry and Developers
    3 Environment
    4 Community Services
    5 Local Residents
    The politics of this are ambiguous and Terms of Reference not yet formed.IE whether this will allow cross referencing of results , and DVDs and hardcopy and other document retrieval/data layers and maps and dissemination?
    Greenbank Mozzies should be allowed to be in Local Residents and Rural and Agriculture Committees. As you know this Residents component has both Town Planning, Environmental, Community (Disadvantaged Community) and Local Law issues .

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