Local Council Election coming up. Who to vote for?

I will be voting for Anne Page in Division 7 and urge others who care about our environment and lifestyle to do the same.

(Here is her facebook page, check it out:


And here’s her website: http://annepage.id.au/

Rampant development in this area without supporting infrastructure such as roads and schools are destroying our lifestyles. Logan Council and the State Government have essentially given away the rural residential northern areas of the former Gold Coast and Beaudesert Shires to big development and this involves projects such as Yarrabilba, Greater Flagstone, and a 200+ hectare Industrial Estate at North Maclean on some of the last remaining koala and quoll habitat in south east Queensland. If you care about our wildlife and don’t want to see more development without the roads and other infrastructure needed to manage the increased population, Anne’s your woman.

The alternatives are Peter Tripp, an ex-mortgage broker and real estate agent who lives in … no, not Division 7 … he lives in SLACK’S CREEK … (Geez, wonder what HE stands for!) and sitting Councillor Laurie Smith. As the editor of The Greenbank Mozzie, upon his election we repeatedly begged Cr Smith for a commitment to support us in dealing with the farm issue we were fighting, in which native birds and people’s livestock were being poisoned through the misuse of agricultural chemicals by gung-ho farmers right next to our homes. This was an obvious health and safety risk to all who live here but his response seemed to us to be generally cagey and intransigent.

My other concerns about Cr Smith: for at least the first year in office he appeared to be being ‘managed’ by some of the usual suspects on Council (including a councillor who notoriously slandered residents in local media for drawing attention to wildlife deaths, accusing THEM of deliberately killing birds and being ‘anti-farmer’!  This councillor – whom we’ll refer to here as ‘Cr Goose’ always seemed to have his arm around Laurie in press photos), as though ‘grooming’ him to take the same positions on issues.

Despite repeated requests both personally and via this blog we never felt he was fully committed to backing residents’ concerns, and we have often felt a divide and conquer game has been played, in which certain residents get grants and favours for not rocking the boat and supporting the status quo.  Cr Smith spent $40,000 on getting artists’ impressions of wildlife painted on power poles throughout our area, when what we really wanted was proper protection for our wildlife and our rural residential lifestyle so we could continue to see real, live animals, not pictures of them, in our neighborhood.   It also appears that he withheld his allocated roads spending until just before the election, then wrote to residents trumpeting the sealing and widening of Harvest Road as though this funding was out of the ordinary.  This work could have been done a long time ago.  Am I cynical? You bet I am!  I am sick and tired of ‘representatives’ who get paid over 100k a year while refusing to properly represent our concerns, instead bowing to the big end of town’s money-making schemes.

It also concerned me that he was elected on preferences after our electoral boundaries were surreptitiously changed. So when we went to vote in Division 11 we were informed that we were now in Division 7. (If you look on the map it seems quite clear that the part of Div 11 that was moved was the part housing the 60ish objectors to rampant farm developments on rural residential blocks in this area. The more cynical part of me suspects this boundary change was a deliberate attempt to isolate and silence protestors).

(Of course, before Smith, we had Hajnal ‘Moneybags’ Ban setting up her little empire at our expense, pretending to represent concerned residents while secretly setting up legal structures for local farms to continue to expand and operate with no oversight – some of these ‘farms’ had previously been busted committing welfare fraud, running cockfighting rings, and drug dealing in our neighborhood. We all know what happened to Hajnal – courted by the LNP, big celebrity wedding and subsequent public breakup, left the area, then was charged with crimes of financial dishonesty. We do NOT need people like this in positions of power, deciding how to spend OUR money.)

So if you live in Division 7 and want to see some REAL representation for a change, put your vote with someone who has shown by her actions that she actually cares about this community and its environment and is not just after a big fat pay packet.  Or stand back and wait to be overtaken by the concrete jungle.

PS. I was asked today about mayoral candidates so offer the following:  Last November there was a ‘meet the mayoral candidates’ event and Anne Page sent me her notes. So I CAN tell you the following: Hetty Johnson is no longer running for MAYOR , only BRETT RAGUSE & KEN Houliston have indicated that they DO NOT SUPPORT the North Maclean INDUSTRIAL AREA (which will wipe out 200+ hectares of koala and quoll habitat, some of the last remaining). Luke Smith certainly supports the North Maclean Industrial Precinct – for jobs he says. Cr Laurie Smith is a LUKE SMITH (which I read as ‘big end of town’) supporter. My vote is going for the wildlife and preservation of our rural lifestyle. And NOT for thousands more residents when our roads can’t cope as it is.



One response to “Local Council Election coming up. Who to vote for?

  1. Thank you. We were in div 11 last election with Cr Schwarz and didn’t realise that we had been shifted to div 7 until today. I appreciate your insights about the candidates.

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