‘illegal parking’ in Jimboomba update.


JT 26 Mar 2014 #2 001I’m sorry Cr Schwartz, but I take issue with this.  On paper, it may be true that the Beaudesert Planning Scheme appeared ‘inflexible’, but it wasn’t until we were forced to become part of Logan that this issue even arose.  Workers at the Jimboomba Industrial Estate had been parking in the same place for over a decade, with NO action ever being taken against them  by Beaudesert Council.  It is LOGAN COUNCIL who has revealed its own inflexibility and pettiness in this case. We are very glad to see that, in the words of the JT, ‘commonsense’ has ‘prevailed’


Following an article in the Jimboomba Times outlining Logan Council’s ridiculous and unfair ‘by the book’ behaviour, I wrote to the JT in response.  It appears that businesses in the Jimboomba industrial estate are not allowed to park their cars on a vacant lot (which they have been using WITH THE OWNERS’ PERMISSION for the past 10 years), because of a ‘complaint’ about dust, noise and loss of amenity.  Given this is an industrial area with no surrounding houses, one wonder WHO would have complained, and WHY.

One correspondent points out that this action on one ‘complaint’ is likely designed to force the owner of the land to apply for a Material Change of Use,  representing thousands of dollars of profit for the council.  MY question was, ‘How can LCC justify this, while completely ignoring literally HUNDREDS of complaints about REAL losses of amenity from Greenbank residents whose homes have been encroached upon by these farms?’

Total hypocrisy. Total wankery.  Total lack of representation.

Remember this, people, at the next Council election.

Money grubbing and weasel words seems to be all this Council understands.

JT 22-1-14

The resident whose situation i discussed in the last paragraph of this letter sent on an email from Cr Smith, expressing his ‘disappointment’ in private correspondence being quoted in the paper.  Here is my response, which I emailed to Cr Smith.  As always, I received no response.

“I understand you found my letter in the JT ‘disappointing’.  Well, I am very disappointed that the residents out here have had to struggle so long and hard to get anyone to take our very real concerns seriously.   And that we’ve had to continually go to the media because all we get from council is weasel words and a runaround.  That XXXXXXXX has to go to the effort and expense of instigating legal proceedings (while his wife is fighting cancer) because our Council will not act to protect his interests is a very sad indictment on the whole damn lot of you.”

And here’s some other information that came to hand late January:

Council has been referring our complaints back to various State Government departments for years, claiming they have no jurisdiction – but State Gov (Dept Environment and Heritage protection) has just in the past few days written back and said it is Logan Council’s responsibility to deal with environmental breaches, NOT State Government.  It appears Cr Smith is now planning meetings with people in Logan Council’s Planning and Environment sections about all this – AT LONG LAST.

We told him over a year ago that if he wasn’t prepared to help us with this he would be pilloried in the media – guess he didn’t believe us, more fool him.  To us it seems that Cr Smith thinks his job is all about photo ops and promoting the council, not representing US, his constituents.  I’m told that all councillors are tightly controlled by the bureaucracy, even being fed what to say in interviews, so this doesn’t surprise me.  But one wonders how many other organisations would employ someone at over 100K a year, then do their damnedest to make sure they cannot – or will not – perform the duties they were elected to fulfil.  Certainly, residents of Division 7 have had bugger all representation in Council for many years.


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