APVMA on Noosa Fish Hatchery findings

This from LACA, thankyou to Kathy Faldt for passing it on.

Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce
The Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce (NFHIT) was established by the Queensland Government in January 2009 to investigate a range of fish health problems at the Sunland Fish Hatchery, including fish deaths and abnormalities. The APVMA was not represented on the Taskforce. The Taskforce made five recommendations to the APVMA in their June 2011 report. The APVMA is responding to these recommendations.
Spray Drift
Off-target spray drift that can accompany the application of pesticides is a concern that sometimes alarms the community and always challenges the agricultural industry to find ways to control it more effectively. The APVMA is responsible for ensuring that off-target pesticide spray drift does not harm human health, the environment or Australia’s international trade.

Adverse experiences and using chemicals safely:  http://www.apvma.gov.au/use_safely/index.php

REPORT OF ADVERSE EXPERIENCES for Veterinary Medicines and Agricultural Chemicals in 2010
A total of 1595 adverse experience reports involving registered veterinary products were assessed and classified and a total of 103 adverse experience reports involving adverse experience involving agricultural products were assessed and classified.
Of these adverse experience reports with ag products 71 per cent involved effects on crops or animals, 19 per cent involved human health issues, 8 per cent involved lack of efficacy, and 2 per cent involved effects on the environment were assessed and classified.
Reporting adverse experiences is the process used to regulate chemical usage. The more reports the more chance of a change.
Slow process this report for 2010 was released July 2013?

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