Our letters responding to planning changes, JT 10 July 2013

Thanks to the Jimboomba Times for publishing the following two letters.  (Click on the clipping to enlarge.) Logan Council’s useless deckchair-shifting, (tweaking an old outdated town plan from the former Beaudesert in a transparently obvious attempt to get around residents’ objections by playing semantics), is discussed in more detail in our previous post from July 5.   Given that Logan City Council’s own planning department supported residents’ complaints about these farms’ operations, we can only wonder what motivates Council – including our Division 7 representative, who seems keen NOT to represent our views – to again betray residents in this way.

JT July 10,2013  (NB: July 31 – we note that Mr Putland from Growcom has chosen not to respond to this letter.  No, we assume he’ll be too busy booking meetings with Logan Council to urge them to allow farms to operate as they always have. It appears that Growcom opposes ANY regulation of farms, and is happy to fight the wishes of the people who live here to aid and abet their establishment.  This in a small acreage rural residential enclave; this with farmers having only 2 days training in chemical handling, with no checks and balances; this after multiple incidents involving chemical misuse close to where we live.)


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