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Preening Pollies

October 11, 2012

An interested bystander recently reported witnessing a tasteless display of one upmanship out in the car park of Bogan City Council after a recent meeting.  Mayor Ham Hawker and Councillor Tom Turkey were seen engaged in a heated finger-wagging exchange. Our citizen bystander surreptitiously edged close enough to hear some of the banter which they later reported to your humble administrator.

Mayor Hawker: …”Are you kidding me, Turkey?  I’m up to 5,327 photo shots            in at least 4 local papers.  You haven’t even cracked 4,000 yet.

Cr. Turkey:  Yeah, but a lot of yours were repeat photos. I’ve counted 1,292 repeat photos where you were wearing the same dress.  Those don’t count.

Mayor Hawker:  Do so.

Cr. Turkey:  Do not!

Mayor Hawker: Do so!

Cr. Turkey:  Do not!  And anyway, when are you gonna get a new haircut.  You look like you just stepped out of an Elvis movie.

Mayor Hawker:  I’ll get a new ‘do’ when you get a new hat, you wanker!

Cr. Turkey: Hey!  Everyone likes my hat.  They reckon it makes me look – you know – bushy.

Mayor Hawker: Wanker!  Katter wannabe!

Cr. Turkey:  Watch it Hawker!  Doris Day clone.

Mayor Hawker: Urban cowboy!  All hat and no cattle.

Cr. Turkey:  Bogus bimbo!  Media slut!

Mayor Hawker:  Hah! Said the pot calling the kettle black. Gin-soaked gigolo!

Cr. Turkey: Clueless kewpie-doll!

At this point several nearby councillors stepped in to pull the combatants apart before fists began to fly. Contacted for a comment, radical activist I.M. Green opined in verse:

They both like to see their own face, plastered all over the place

Every time I open the paper. There they are. Fronting some new caper

I’d like to say more but I am loath. I’m just sick of seeing them both.


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