What REALLY happened at the fish hatchery in Noosa

Those who’ve been following this debate in the local media may remember a certain CEO of a farmers’ organisation stating in the Jimboomba Times that claims of  deformities in fish at a Noosa hatchery were likely to have been caused by pesticide use from a neighboring macadamia farm were unfounded and had been proven wrong.  But there’s a lot more to this story – LIES, COVERUPS, BAD SCIENCE, OBFUSCATION, MISINFORMATION, AND PROTECTION OF THE NEGLIGENT  … read all about it from the victims of this travesty, via the link below.


There are some quite clear correlations between the way this issue was handled by ‘authorities’, who were supposed to be finding out the truth in this case, and the questionable testing regimes here in Greenbank by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Biosecurity Queensland.  And I quote:

There seemed to be an obsession with having a 100% definitive diagnosis, rather than gathering an understanding of what appeared to be the most likely cause so that preventative management actions could be taken, given the seriousness of the harm which was observed to be taking place.  The Toxicos report appears focused on criticising others work rather than understanding why the animals died and fish got deformed.  Notably Toxicos never visited the property nor had access to all the information, as they failed to contact the consulting veterinarian to the farm … at any time.

And also:

The authorities refus(ed) to acknowledge the evidence they have in their possession, and correct the misleading information they have given the public which continues to place the public in harms way.  They have failed all stake holders involved and the public.  In due course all the evidence will become public knowledge, sooner rather than later for the sake of all concerned.  Meanwhile the fish, like a canary in a coal mine are telling a deadly story.

Sound familiar?

Queenslanders should be VERY CONCERNED at the inaction we have seen, and continue to see, over the use of agricultural chemicals close to where people live and work.  We should be EVEN MORE CONCERNED at the attempts vested interests have made to cover up the truth to protect their own financial interests.

As for the aforementioned CEO, how he can sleep at night, knowing he has colluded in this most recent spread of misinformation, is beyond me!  Perhaps he might consider what he will tell his grandchildren when they ask him what happened to the wildlife that used to be abundant in this region.  “Granddad, did YOU ever see a Koala? I wish I could have seen one!”

Here’s what the hatchery spokesperson wrote to the Safe Living Action Group in June 2012 on being informed of the most recent spate of bird deaths in Greenbank:

The Australian governments/councils just don’t seem care for the environment, people or animals here in Noosa Shire either, where millions of fish and many birds and my land animals have died, deformed or gone into convulsions during/after macadamia spraying.   We have videos of horses and chooks unable to walk after spraying.

2008 the Noosa River fish reproduced fry with 2 heads,

2009 the Noosa Sea Mullet reproduced with 3 tails & bodies,

2010 Scientists introduced Sydney Rock Oysters into the Noosa River- the males started turning female

2011 the Noosa Bass fish reproduced fry with ‘legs’, yes ‘legs’ growing out of their throats

Despite Govt testing resulting in 9 positive agrichemical readings from all 9 sites tested in the Noosa River, their only action has been to force the fish hatchery to move away from the poison spraying macadamia farm. (The hatchery was established long before the macadamia farm.)

All drinking water tanks and swimming pools tested by Qld Health after the macadamia farm was sprayed, had the chemicals detected, but Qld Health says it should be safe for us to drink but they don’t have to drink or shower in our contaminated tank water.  

Our website by Cindy Medway www.sunlandfishhatchery.com  outlines the government’s lies and cover up to protect the chemical users.

Maybe one of you may find something useful in our fight, to help us both and to help make Australia a safer place to live.

Depressing, ain’t it?  But, as we keep saying, ‘The Truth is STILL the Truth’. We will continue to tell it, and hope that public outrage will eventually reach a critical mass and force some kind of proper regulation, instead of the disgusting behaviour we have seen from both State and Local Governments as they attempt to cover up their negligence.  Will it take a public health crisis, or an expensive class action suit, for change to occur?  Sadly, I fear this may be the case. 

At this stage, we continue to be vilified in the local press by uninformed people who do not even live here, and ‘our’ Councillor continues to ignore our communications.  Rest assured we will be campaigning hard at the next election to ensure he does not serve another term.

Click on the link below to read the independent report on the Noosa Fish Hatchery:

Independent report on Noosa fish hatchery


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