Jimboomba Times. Sept. 19, 2012

Interesting to read a far more measured statement from the Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection than in the past.  (See JT articles dated August 1, 2012 and August 15, 2012, and our commentaries).  At least now they aren’t blaming the residents for wildlife deaths.  But there is still no attempt to address the 6 week lapse between their testing occurring and the bird dieoff, or residents’ assertions that they witnessed soil being replaced on the farm in question prior to testing occurring. Can we be blamed for suspecting a coverup?

All DEHP will say now is that ‘there is insufficient evidence to determine where the insecticide that poisoned the magpies originated’.

Well, D’oh!  Do we smell a rat?  Well, it’s pretty clear that something here stinks!

Interested readers are encouraged to read our recent posts on the APVMA’s decision to look into banning the chemical Fenthion (Sept 2012) due to new evidence of toxicity in children following exposure.  The November 2011 bird dieoff was caused by a variety of this chemical, Fenthion Ethyl, which is not available to the general public, only to farmers.  Shame this latest birdkill was caused by Chlorpyrifos, instead of Fenthion, as this left the way open to put suspicion back onto the residents because small amounts may be obtained in some garden products!   Who would YOU believe?

And now for some light relief – or ‘Guess who’s friends with the Mayor?’:

Yes, it’s a good thing that the dangerous parking and drop off issues around Greenbank State School have been improved due to recent roadworks.  But to sheet the praise for such changes to two newly elected Councillors is untrue and ridiculous.  Despite the circus that previous Division 11 Councillor Hajnal Ban’s period in office degenerated into, people would do well to remember that the lobbying and subsequent planning for this work was driven by Hajnal Ban’s commitment to this community. Credit where credit’s due, please, Joy Paterson.

Mrs Paterson writes: “I do believe our new councillors are at least doing the job that they are paid to do and fixing things that should have been fixed long ago”, then thanks LCC “for putting up with our moaning and at least making an effort to put things right in a very neglected part of your city”.    So the repeated calls over many years to ensure local children are safe from the risk of being run down by cars is ‘moaning’ now, is it?  And asking the Council to abide by State Government Guidelines regarding freedom from chemical exposure is ‘moaning’ too, I suppose?

Sorry to tell you this, Joy, but those of us who have been calling on Cr Laurie Smith to state his position regarding the dangerous and lifestyle-destroying activities of industrial-scale farms illegally erected on residential land close to our homes have been met with a stony silence.  Constituents letters and phone calls remain unanswered.  Our representative? Or another Council schill?

I do agree that the wildlife-painted lampposts look “smart” –  at $40,000 for this meaningless project, they bloody well should.  But most people out here would much prefer to look at REAL LIVE WILDLIFE instead of pretty stylised pictures of what we used to enjoy here before the slash and burn crew arrived and started clearfelling high value habitat and setting up monoculture farms that rely on chemicals and fertilisers to grow their crops.

As for Mrs Paterson’s own situation, she still has a protected horticulture operation right next to her property, with no buffer zone, in direct contravention of the State Guidelines and, the last two times I spoke with her, was still complaining of agspray-induced headaches.  I guess a few more neurotoxins in your system, and tens of thousands of dollars lopped off your property values, are no problem when you have pretty lampposts and enjoy social visits with the Mayor.


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