Jimboomba Times, Sept. 12, 2012

Below is my response to Mr Higgins’ letter from the previous week that trotted out the ludicrous assertion that went along the lines of, ‘Farmers have always operated close to homes and it never did me any harm’.

I’d like to point out here that all people are different, in terms of sensitivity, and it’s not unusual for one individual to be adversely affected from pesticide exposure while another seems unaffected.  (This, of course, also doesn’t take into account the effects over time of pesticide accumulation in the tissues, and at what point these levels reach a breaking point and produce ill health.)

Mr Higgins also failed to differentiate between pesticide residues on harvested vegetables (which he admitted have to be monitored prior to going to market), and pesticide levels in the air, which quite obviously can easily affect those who live near to farms.

Mr Higgins did respond to this letter two weeks later, with another missive claiming he had been ‘misquoted’ and a whole lot more obfuscatory ranting that, as usual, made little sense.  We have concluded it is counterproductive to continue giving space to this person’s comments as he appears to be incapable of logical argument or rational thought.  We believe that the majority of letters that have appeared defending the clearly noxious practices of some Greenbank farms have been written as ‘favours’ to certain interested parties.  Why do we think this?  Because most of these correspondents seem barely able to construct a grammatical sentence, much less a rational argument, indicating that letter-writing is not a common practice in their usual lives.

The one thing all these letters have had in common is a resolve to insist that the residents are wrong – that the evidence of our own eyes cannot be believed, that the illnesses so many of us have reported, the wildlife deaths so many of us have witnessed, and the contaminated tank water residents directly adjacent to these farms have experienced NEVER REALLY HAPPENED!  But these correspondents do not live here, WE do, and, as stated before, we will continue to draw attention to what we have seen in our neighborhood until something is done to remedy it.

Furthermore, we have only been able to uncover ONE household in the whole of Greenbank who support what the farms have been doing here.  Thus, the ‘support letters’ have been coming from much farther afield.  I’ll leave it to readers to figure out why this might be.


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