Strange Goings-On In Greenbank, September 2012

On Thursday September 6th, we visited our neighbour at around 3.30 PM.  As we parked our car and opened his gate, a red SUBARU FORESTER 4WD slowed down on the road and stared at us quite pointedly.  The driver was around 60 years of age, with a white beard, short grey hair and glasses.

As we entered the property we noticed the driver travelled up Harvest Road, then turned around.   We went into our neighbour’s shed.  We asked him if he had noticed this vehicle in the neighborhood.  (We are a small community and few people who do not live here drive these roads, so people tend to notice ususual vehicles or behaviours, and inform their neighbours.)  He told us he had just seen this car when he went to pick up his children from the bus stop; he had felt somewhat concerned that some strange man was parked on the street watching his children getting off the bus.

Our neighbour’s friend arrived a few minutes later, and asked who the guy in the red 4WD was that slowed down as he entered my neighbour’s property.

My neighbour’s wife and daughter went out in their car to the local shops, and when they returned half an hour later they commented that they had seen this vehicle parked in several different locations on Farm and Begley Roads.

Given some of the intimidation tactics used in the past against residents who have complained about farm impacts of their lifestyles and health, we suspect this man may be a private investigator sent to rattle the residents.  Especially as the Harvest Road farmers are currently in mediation with Logan City Council after their last development application for an igloo farm was refused.

If this is so, WE PUT YOU ON NOTICE THAT WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED OR INTIMIDATED.  And if you ARE in fact a PI, you’re not a very good one.  Totally obvious and kind of silly.  We’re hoping this bloke IS a PI and not something more sinister.   Ragardless, we ask the community to keep an eye out for this person and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

Again, he drives a red Subaru Forester 4WD, registration number 260MSB.  Driver is in his 60s, with grey hair, glasses and a white beard.

If you are this person and are reading this, perhaps you could enlighten us as to what you’re doing following people and rudely staring at them in our streets.  You can contact us at:   In the meantime, we’ll leave your details posted here so the community can keep an eye on YOU!

September 11, 2012

Another four wheel drive that doesn’t appear to belong to a local was spotted hanging around Harvest Rd.  Behaving suspiciously.  Drug dealing?  Or trying to intimidate residents for drawing attention to this issue by parking at their gates and staring at them.  Our community needs to be alert and aware of any strangers and, if they appear suspicious, report them – and their rego and car and physical descriptions – to the police.


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