Jimboomba Times, Feb 7, 2007

The Mayor of Beaudesert Shire Council announces a working group to sort out planning anomalies relating to farms located in resiential areas.  For info on this taskforce, look for our post ‘RAIDE versus Beaudesert Shire Council’.  Just as new rules were about to be enforced, local Councils were amalgamated and the northern part of Beaudesert Shire was given over to Logan City Council.  The recommendations of the working group were taken to LCC by Cr Hajnal ban, who was elected to again represent us, but LCC refused to accept them and our suffering continued.   Bless you, Joy Drescher, for trying to sort this out for us.  Had we not been amalgamated, this problem would now be ancient history.

The Hogan Family begin their ‘eye’ campaign.   Now, in 2012, hundreds of these signs have been placed on people’s gates and fences. A quick drive around this area of Greenbank in search of these eye signs makes it abundantly clear that the vast majority of householders do not want these farms operating in our neighborhood.


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