2005 – Farm on Begley Road fills in Crewes Creek with bulldozers!

In 2005, a large bush block on Begley Road was bought up by farmers.  The neighbours, who with their young family had previously been enjoying the trees and wildlife, suddently found themselves next to an industrial-scale Protected Horticulture operation.  They had just built an extra house next to their main dwelling, and were so distressed with developments they put their property on the market.  Of course it didn’t sell – who would fork out their life savings to live next door to this?

The pictures below were taken by these neighbours in 2005.  Captions can be seen by hovering your mouse over them, The entire block was completely cleared, in contravention of Beaudesert Shire Council’s treeclearing laws.  Then they brought in the bulldozers to level the block. Then, to make room for more igloos, they FILLED IN CREWES CREEK!

Crewes Creek is a seasonal creek that flows into the Oxley River.  The administrators of this site live just upstream.   We had significant rain in November 2008 and the creek overflowed because it had been blocked downstream.  Over one metre of water came rushing through our property and under our house.  Thankfully our house is high-set, but we still lost thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment.

Despite complaints to council, it took several years for anything to be done.  It turns out the greenhouses were all erected without development approval, however the farm continued to operate until Logan City Council issued the farm with a show cause notice in 2011.  That’s right, it took SIX YEARS for the authorities to hold these cowboys to account.  They clearly knew what they had done was wrong as they chose to move on rather than show cause why they should not be shut down.   The igloos have now been removed and the farm is no longer operational.  And they were forced to unblock the creek. (Thankfully this was done before the big January floods, or we and our neighbours would have been even more severaly affected. Now the whole property is a barren dirt wasteland .   Two to three hundred year old habitat trees were removed by these people, a natural resource that cannot be easily replaced.

We fail to understand WHY, if Logan Council saw fit to shut the Begley Road farm, they won’t take similar action over the Harvest Road farm that is causing so much consternation.

Along side fence line

Crewes Creek from the neighbour's side

And here, below, are some pictures of the flooding on our property caused by this action. Needless to say, we spent 3 days unable to get out of our driveway.


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