Jimboomba Times, Aug 29, 2012

(Story on Left) For the first time in weeks, there’s noone from outside of Greenbank lecturing the residents with ill-informed red herrings in the JT.  What gives?

“Mr Livingstone’s call for an apology … is callous and disrespectful and conveniently ignores a huge body of scientific evidence illustrating the risks of spraying agricultural chemicals so close to people’s homes.”

(Story on Right)  And, as if the residents of Greenbank don’t have enough to deal with, with the encroachment of industrial-scale ‘farms’ – just a few kilometres away Big Moneybags Development wants to cram 2,635 people into an unsewered ghetto, take the money and run, and leave us to pick up the pieces.  If you haven’t written a submission yet about the Teviot Downs New Urban Slum Plan, go to savegreenbank.com.au for some ideas. Submission deadline is Monday September 3.   Roads and infrastructure before moving in the hordes!


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