Logan West Leader, Aug 29, 2012

Division 9 Councillor Phil Pidgon’s quotable quotes: ‘People may not have seen much of me lately … I have had my head down and my backside up doing strategic planning … I can assure residents they will see the fruits of my labour in the coming months; it will be worth the wait.’

Oh, I can’t wait!  Is the circus coming to town?

Actually, over here in Division 7, we have seen and heard way too much of Cr Pidgeon.  He and Growcom CEO Alex Livingstone spent the six weeks following the latest Greenbank bird poisoning episode in June writing letters about Divison 7 residents to the  Jimboomba Times.  As we fight to have the State Government Planning Guidelines enforced by Council, to protect our health and safety, Cr Pidgeon and Mr Livingstone have publicly vilified us for daring to  speak up.

We have been accused of having nefarious ‘agendas’, of being ‘anti-farmer’, and of deliberately killing wildlife.  It has also been implied that we are motivated by racism.  Perhaps Cr Pidgeon needs to go back to serving his contituents in Division 9, and let Cr Laurie Smith take care of Division 7, as he was elected to do. Or does Phil Pidgeon think he is ‘guiding’ and ‘mentoring’ Cr Smith as he learns the job, making sure he doesn’t listen to we radical greenie troublemakers’?

Cr Pidgeon has always weighed into this debate about farms too close to homes, whenever it has cropped up in the media – and he is always on the non-resident farmers’ side. I hesitate to speculate on why this might be so.

(Though our resident satirist, Jerry Jester, couldn’t resist saying a bit more – check out ‘Satire Central’ on our home page. 😉

Andrew Dawson, Logan West Leader:

‘Their (Councillors’) silence was in sharp contrast to ther eagerness to talk to the Leader about their aims when seeking election.’    No surprises there, Andrew!


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