Activists in Argentina Expect Landmark Ruling against Agrochemicals

Argentinian Agrochemical fight

Click on the above link for the story.

Excellent article from Inter Press Service News Agency.

Some would have us believe that our struggle here in Greenbank is not valid.

They would be wrong, wrong, wrong!

This issue is gaining momentum all around the world.

To the people who’ve been touting the, ‘It didn’t do me any harm’ line, here’s a quote:

‘According to Souza, coordinator of Pesticide Action Network – Latin America, the judges as well as the prosecutor have shown an interest in “gaining an in-depth understanding” of the health effects of agrochemicals.

“The problem is that not all live organisms react the same; there can also be long-term effects. For that reason, in my testimony I insisted that a cause-effect relationship should not be sought, because it is not going to be found.”

Souza advocates the precautionary principle, which states that, even if a cause-effect relationship has not been fully established scientifically, precautionary measures should be taken if the product or activity poses a threat to health or the environment.’




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