Waterways Audit, Logan Council, Feb. 2012

Early in 2012, residents discovered that the intensive agriculture farm at 54-60 Harvest Rd had submitted a Development Application with Logan City council to increase the size of their shed.  We decided to object when we discovered that the plans contained drawings of ‘proposed greenhouses’ – greenhouses that had been erected some 6-7 years earlier.  This implies they were erected without a DA.  Six residents from Harvest Rd, and a further two from Farm Rd signed an objection letter,

But before we could submit this, we heard that Council had approved the she extension, and allowed the greenhouse approval to go through with it, with no real examination.  Residents were not happy.   When Cr Lisa Bradley announced in the Jimboomba Times that council wanted to conduct a ‘waterways audit’, we decided to send our letter objecting to this highly unusual planning decision to the Environment and Sustainability Committee, with a cover letter pointing out the anomalies in the process and noting the closeness of this farm to Crewes Creek and residents’ ongoing concerns about the possibility of pesticide-laden runoff going into the creek during heavy rain events.

We received NO response from Cr Bradley, or the Committee, not even an acknowledgement of our submission.

Waterways Audit, Feb 2012

Click the above link to see council’s call for submissions on Logan’s waterways, and our letters objecting to the intensive farming activity going on so close to a creek. We also bring up the issue of retrospective approval being granted for illegally erected greenhouses by lumping this approval in with an application to increase the size of a shed, and calling the structures on the plans ‘Proposed’ when they had actually been there for years

Waterways Report, JT, Oct 2011

Click the above link to read a ‘Report Card’ on the state of Logan’s rivers.  Note that Crewes Creek, the waterway in the area of Greenbank in question, drains into the Oxley River.


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